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Welcome to Heliflight

“Our team of global aviation advisors and flight examiners provide professional aviation services to companies from all over the world.
We specialise in the check and training of pilots, flight departments and in particular new start ups or companies transitioning to new types of operations.
Whether you are an existing company wanting to expand flight operations or you are a third party relying on aviation support we offer a comprehensive aviation consulting and assessment service to give you the support and confidence you need to ensure the delivery of safe, efficient and reliable services – no matter where your operations take you globally.
We perform due diligence on your behalf to ensure the information you are being provided meets international aviation safety standards and your own corporate or personnel expectations.
Where necessary or requested we will provide direct operational support, mentoring or training.
Myself, my team and partners have collectively over 100 years of aviation experience in all aspects of helicopter and fixed wing flight operations, from risk management, operational training, safety management systems, maintenance (CAMO), accident investigation, safety audits , finance, valuations, regulatory compliance and operational support anywhere in the world.
We thrive in providing our services in often hard to reach and difficult countries.
Thanks for stopping by and feel free to reach out to me personally if you need to discuss your requirements”.

Andy Mckay

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