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Expert Accident Investigation Team: Unraveling the Causes Behind Aviation Accidents

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Independent Accident Investigation

Every aviation accident is a tragedy for all involved, often a public, chaotic and emotional event. Support and considered response are essential in the early hours of an accident and having an emergency response plan prepared in advance might sound preemptive but soon becomes a solid pathway to sound decision making all at a time of heightened emotions. We can help your company develop that plan, you will find a link on our website or just contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

After any major incident or accident comes the investigation.

Often the regulatory or State Safety investigation of an incident or accident can take years. Whilst the insurance underwriter undoubtedly will commission an investigation its target is the hull loss and associated liability. Our investigation services can be tailored to what you need whether that be a specific and full investigation factoring regulatory, insurance or corporate liability or merely a peer review. We can walk with you on this journey and provide the answers you need. Aircraft accident investigation services from Heliflight – respond quickly to an accident or incident with expert insight, confidential analysis and a verifiable commitment to safety. We have specialists for Helicopter, fixed-wing and airline accidents.

An aircraft accident or incident can result in loss of life and harm to individuals, potentially halting production, as well as a loss of confidence in your operations. Regulatory bodies will investigate serious accidents and render detailed reports publically, but the process can take a year or more. Our accident and incident investigation services give you a full understanding of what has occurred within days, as well as expert advice that carefully places the events in context.

General Investigation Services

Our investigation team are made up of very experienced ex NZ police detectives and former safety investigators who then made a move into full time flying positions from the Airlines to Helicopter operations. This puts us in a unique position in having both the aviation and investigation skills to quickly sort facts from fiction and allows us to assist individuals, businesses and organisations to prepare and effectively construct their cases. The team will strive to ensure all required documentation, supporting evidence, additional witnesses, case files and any other case-specific material will be completed in full, on time, and to the utmost level of professional standard.

We have partnered with several aviation legal firms around the globe so can provide legal review and support anywhere.

Given our backgrounds, there is not much we have not seen.

Our specific specialty is providing expert witness testimony.

Our services include and are not limited to:

  • Fraud investigation
  • Insurance liability
  • Employment investigation
  • Accident investigation
  • Occurrence investigation
  • A criminal and civil investigation
  • Legal support
  • Expert witness testimony
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