flight department set-up

Flight Department Set-up and Health Check

aircraft health check

Heliflight offers full aircraft management and flight dept set up.

Standing up a new flight department?
How efficient is your existing flight dept?

Amongst all of the compliance and safety of a business jet cost efficiency is often left as a last consideration.

Heliflight has successfully restructured corporate flight departments throughout Asia and understands that the bottom line in costs has to be a consideration.

This can be achieved while still retaining safety and efficiency. High cost does not mean high safety!

For example flight planning costs are all too often not considered. On a recent audit for a client we selected a flight plan from Singapore to Hong Kong with multiple stops in China before returning to Singapore. We did this using their existing handling arrangements. We took their plan and tried a few of our own differing models to discover there was a 30% difference in costs from their’s to ours. In this particular flight, it represented $23,000 in savings Just on this one flight!

Whether it’s a new set up or just a health check on what you have already, let our team evaluate your requirements and deliver a solution.

  • Aircraft selection focusing on what’s the best aircraft for the job.
  • Full flight dept set up
  • Aircraft selection, sales and delivery
  • Aircrew selection (It is important to match the pilots to the client)
  • Cabin crew selection (even more important to match the cabin crew to the customer)
  • Selection of a Maintenance contractor
  • Flight planning, ground handling and over flight permits
  • Compliance set up
  • Operating manuals
  • Budgets
  • External standard set and audit (ISBAO, NBAA, Argus)