helicopter landing area inspection


Our highly experienced team are capable of providing world-class helideck inspection and certification services to all helicopter landing areas worldwide including super yachts.

Heliflight specialises in conducting helideck inspection and certification both offshore and onshore according to the relevant safety standards.


  • International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) – Annex 14 Vol II Heliports
  • International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) Standard
  • Local Regulatory Standard
  • Client company standards
  • Best Industry Practice
  • Helideck in terms of UKCAA CAP437 requirements


  • Helideck and surrounding environment – e.g Flume Effect
  • Fire-fighting and rescue equipment
  • Communication procedures including interpretation of environmental data
  • Inspection of Maintenance Facility / Refuelling procedures
  • Competence and training of Helideck crews – e.g HLO, HDA, Fireman, Meteorological Observer
  • Emergency Response Plans – e.g Effectiveness & Robustness

This inspection report may be used for helideck certification applications from various aviation authorities. The local aviation authority is responsible for issuing helideck certification as well as clearance for helicopter operations in the respective country.

Reports may be tailored to suit any local authority or client’s specific requirements.

Superyacht helideck inspection services

Key areas of inspections carried out include:

  • Landing area size surface
  • Lighting
  • Markings
  • Helideck rescue equipment
  • Fire-fighting arrangements
  • Turbulence created by the superstructure and/or exhausts
  • Crew training
  • Carriage of dangerous goods by air (where appropriate)

Helideck certification

Our team inspect, advise and certify helidecks for its clients to ensure the safe landing and take-off for helicopters. After a satisfactory inspection, it issues a Helicopter Landing Area Inspection Report (HLAIR). A Helicopter Landing Area Certificate (HLAC) will also be issued, along with a plate certificate, when all critical actions are closed.

helideck inspection
helideck certification