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Specialist Helicopter Operations - Set Up & Training

Whether it's the set up of a VIP Helicopter, an EMS operation or new Police department we can provide full consultation services for the full flight dept set up, flight training, helicopter selection, acquisition, specialist equipment purchase and training. Our team has experience in existing operations from Asia, PNG, Indonesia, North America, New Zealand and Australia.

Our helicopter instructors and flight examiners can offer check & training on the following :
  • Type endorsements for Airbus, Leonardo, Bell, Sikorsky, MD, Robinson to name a few.
  • Transition and Recurrency training.
  • EMS Ops including winch training.
  • NVG night operations.
  • Fire suppression.
  • Police and tactical operations.
  • Surveillance and security.
  • Long line training.
  • Advanced mountain flying.
  • Tropical operations.
  • Robinson Safety awareness courses.
  • IIMC training.
  • TRE and TRI training.
  • IFR check flights and training.
  • Agricultural application ratings and training.
  • Seismic lifting operations.
  • Working on/off super yachts.

Any flight training you require from basic (learning to fly) to advanced please contact us

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We offer independent check and training services on your flight crew

No matter what the machine, the mission or the environment one of our experienced specialist flight examiners will provide credible training and assessment. Measured against international standards, factory (OEM) training and our wealth of international flying experience all to ensure your crew are fit and safe for the purpose.

We specialise in training instructors (TRI’s) and examiners (TRE’s). Single and multi engine helicopters.

Talk to us no matter what your check and training need is.

Are you an owner transitioning to a new helicopter

Sometimes factory training or indeed any training can be a rush with a-lot of information pushed into a short time. We will spend as much time as you need. At your place and your pace to ensure you have the right instructor mentoring that you need to feel competent and comfortable in your new machine. Talk to us about the transition course you need.

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“Let’s get one thing straight. There’s a big difference between a pilot and an aviator. One is a technician; the other is an artist in love with flight.”