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Right Airplane for your Business

We can assist you in buying the right aircraft.

The best rule is define what role you need the aircraft to perform and then buy the aircraft that fits the mission role. Aviation is a passion, don’t be driven by looks or other marketing or even what you think you know. Every decision should be based on sound reasoning and considerations around a cost model. You risk the aircraft not being fit for purpose and costing you thousands in the process if you get this wrong.

Our team can provide a voice of reason in the decision to select buy and operate your aircraft.

We can assist in cost modelling, support and regulatory compliance. We have particular experience in countries that have a challenging regulatory and commercial structure.

Often this necessitates partnering with a local AOC even on private operations in some countries. We can assist in all of these issues. Even the complete stand up of a flight dept if needed.

Let us source and manage the acquisition process, the delivery and then any operational needs.

Talk to us early and first about what you need.

We partner with all the helicopter OEMS including Bell, Airbus and Leonardo.

As well we link with a selection of trusted brokers of used aircraft.

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